Welcome to customer education course

Welcome to the first-ever course about Customer Education!

hm...... maybe not first, but the one which is based on interviews with small and medium businesses... so we didn't make it up

What is customer education?

In Marble we are passionate about education and education technology. For the last 7 years, our team works in digital education, explore more effective learning design, online education. Some of us managed to defend the PhD in education technology. And then we got the idea about what is the next big thing in digital education, where it all goes.


It is time to explain a bit why our team is doing this course and how we got into customer education. Why? The answer is simple, to explain the new paradigm of customer-centred education, and expand the understanding about it, especially in Europe. The discovery we made, origins from research in education technology. We spotted two core radical changes, one is the transition to skill-based education. The value of knowledge become much lower, as knowledge is easily accessible. The other one is student centered-education. 
Here we started to think,  who could be best in providing skills? universities?  online learning platforms like Coursera?  Companies! 

Companies become education providers. These three factors form a new paradigm. The examples already everywhere companies educate their customer all over the world, and big corporations have a chance to build academies, l and train their customer. Hubspot and Webflow have already created online universities for their customers. Get the warm leads, engage with the product, track product adoption, engage and retain their customers.

How we saw the perspective in it
However, what we found out, that smaller businesses do not yet have access and possibility to increase their impact with customer training. 

After interviewing over a hundred small and medium companies during the last months, we’ve discovered that they don’t have enough resources and knowledge for educating their clients. And many of them do not understand what is customer education? 

We decided to figure what is customer education is really about. Is it bringing all these benefits for small and medium businesses? Cost savings on customer onboarding? New warm leads? Better retention and engagement? A better understanding of product adoption?

In the last months, we spoke with over 100 companies located mostly in Europe and find the answers to the core question.
  • What is customer education? 
  • Why educate your customers? 
  • What are the main benefits of customer education for SMB?
  • Who and How involved in customer education?
  • Which customer education types exist and how to select them?
  • Why select the learning platform for customer training?
We continuously update the course and add more contents to it, stay tuned 💫

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