Introduction module

What is included in the themes?

Colors, Images, Logos
plenty of options
To give your academy a unique view which users can shortly recognize, use customized images for design. You can add: 
  • Background image
  • Course background
  • Course cover images 
  • Brand logo 
These elements will help to create a familiar atmosphere for users in your academy. If you use themes pre-sets, the whole space will be in one design and aligned with the style.
To make the effect even stronger and astonish everyone with the design of your courses, we added colors for your academy. You can edit: 
  • Main navigation bar color
  • Main navigation bar text color
  • Title color on homepage
  • Buttons color
  • Buttons text color
Add your own brand colors to align it with images and create a unique space for you and your learners. 

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