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Option 2. Images

The next step is adding images to make your academy cosy and elegant👍

 When adding images note the dimensions mentioned below the uploading buttons.

Note dimensions of the images to see them in the best way.

Brand logo is the first image to add. It will be displayed in the top left corner of the navigation bar in your academy.

Background image sets for the home screen of your academy. Your learners will see it when registering for your courses. Be creative to surprise them with a nice design 🤗

To change the image simply select a new one from your device.
how to change image to a new one

The last step is course background. You can upload the desired background image or select from pre-made images by Marble. There are 4 options to choose from white, light, slightly dark and dark backgrounds. Check which one works best with your theme and go for it!

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